Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ASP.NET Deployment Solution - Part 1

Deployment of ASP.NET is usually Xcopy or WebDeploy, however we hope to update the feature by feature, not need to be updated every time all the files.

we use the upload zip way to achieve the purpose of updating.

1. When upload feature zip file, it will show feature basic information.

2. Feature include files, like assemblies, files, sqlscripts.

3. Then using install or uninstall to execute operation.

When execute install:
1. Copy assemblies to webapplication bin folder.
2. Copy files to webapplication mapping path.
3. Execute sqlscript(*install.sql)

When execute uninstall:
1. Remove assemblies from webapplication bin folder.
2. Remove files from webapplication mapping path.
3. Execute sqlscript(*uninstall.sql)

(The current UI design is reference from Microsoft CRM)

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